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GitHub Basics


Below you will find a collection of tutorials teaching the basics of GitHub, the version control system.

Before You Start

These tutorials assume you have a basic understanding of the terminal and Git.



Why should I use GitHub?

Learn why you should use GitHub.

Sign up for GitHub

Learn how to sign up for GitHub.

GitHub Workflow

Create a remote repository

Learn how to create a remote repository on GitHub.

Clone a repository

git clone

Add a remote repository to your project

git remote add origin

Add a collaborator to a repository

Learn how to add a collaborator to your remote repository on GitHub.

Push changes to your remote repository

git push remote-repo-name branch-name

Create a pull request

Learn how to create a pull request on GitHub.

Get changes from remote repository

git fetch origin

Advanced workflow

Learn an advanced workflow you can use with Git and GitHub.

* work in progress

** coming soon