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Simple Dev

Short, easy-to-read coding tutorials and courses for beginners.

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Crash Courses (New!)

Our new Crash Courses are now hosted on Podia. These courses feature hands-on activities and step-by-step instructions that walk you through the basics of learning each tool and language. Click the button below to visit our Podia site.

Reference Pages

Below is a list of our featured Reference Pages. These are handy for quickly looking up how to do something using a particular tool or language.

VS Code

VS Code is a program used to write code.


HTML is used to add content for web pages.


CSS is used to style web pages.


The terminal lets you control your computer using text commands.


Git is a version control system that lets you back up your coding projects.

You can view all of our Reference Pages on our Path page.


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Hands-on activities

Our VS Code, HTML, and CSS Crash Courses all have hands-on activities that you can work on while reading each lesson to help you retain the information.


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