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Advanced workflow – GitHub


Here’s an advanced Git workflow you can use to practice branching, staging files, making commits, and pushing and pulling changes to and from a remote repo.


  • Create your project folder.
  • Create some files and write some code.
  • Initialize the Git repo.
  • Make an initial commit on the master branch (this is so the master branch will actually get created).
  • Create a feature/topic branch and switch to it.
  • Create a remote repository.
  • Add the remote repository to your project.
  • Push your local changes up to the remote repository.

The second and third steps in the setup can be flipped if you prefer to initialize the repo first.


  • Write some code and save your files.
  • Stage the files you want to commit.
  • Commit the changes.
  • Push the changes up to your remote repo.
  • After you’ve completed your feature, you can open a pull request.
  • Merge your changes into master using the pull request.
  • Use git fetch to retrieve your changes from your remote repo and merge them into your local master branch.
  • Create a new branch when it’s time to add more changes.


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