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Crash Course vs Reference Page


Simple Dev has 2 types of content: Crash Courses and Reference Pages.

There is some overlap between the 2 types of content, but also several differences.

Crash Courses

UPDATE: Our Crash Courses are now hosted on Teachable, so the below information is slightly outdated! Visit Teachable to purchase them.

Our Crash Courses are for members only and feature specific tasks for you to complete to learn the topics. The lessons in a Crash Course build on each other and are meant to be read in order. They are hands-on and the expectation is that you’re following along with the activities in your coding editor.

We currently have Crash Courses on VS Code, HTML, and CSS.

The Crash Courses teach you the syntax and features of these languages and tools, and they also touch on productivity tips, advice, and other tools or resources you can use with them to be an even better developer. This extra information is generally not available in the Reference Pages.

Reference Pages

Our Reference Pages are free for everyone, and are still hosted on They follow a strict format: a Summary section at the top, a Details section with more information and examples, a Demo (if applicable), and a References section with links to official documentation. They are meant to be used as a quick reference for how to accomplish a certain task, and are not necessarily meant to be read one right after the other (though you could try it, technically speaking). You can read them out of order if you have experience already.

We have Reference Pages for VS Code, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, the shell, Git, GitHub, and more, so there is some overlap of topics between Crash Courses and Reference Pages.

The Reference Pages mostly focus on the syntax or core features of the languages or tools.


In summary, the Crash Courses are better if you’re a beginner, because they’ll walk you through each step of learning the topics. The Reference Pages are useful if you have some experience already and just need to quickly look up how to do something.

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