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Create element – JavaScript


To create and append element using JavaScript, use the createElement() and appendChild() methods:

// Create new element
const newParagraph = document.createElement('p');

// Add text content to new element
newParagraph.textContent = 'Test paragraph';

// Select parent element
const parentDiv = document.querySelector('div');

// Append new element to parent element


You can also insert the newly created element before another element. Given the following HTML code:

  <p>First paragraph</p>

You can use the following JavaScript code to insert a new paragraph before the paragraph that’s already inside the div:

const myDiv = document.querySelector('div');
const firstParagraph = document.querySelector('p');

myDiv.insertBefore(newParagraph, firstParagraph);



Recreate the JS code from the Demo section in your JS file. Then try customizing the text inside the element.


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