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footer element – HTML



  <small>© 2020 Your Business.</small>


The footer element is often used at the bottom of a web page. It often contains a copyright notice. It may also contain links to other parts of your site or other websites. Since the footer is usually placed on most of your web pages, it is placed outside of the main element.

  <h1>Page Title</h1>
  <p>Paragraph text...</p>

  <small>© 2020 Your Business.</small>

Using the footer element will not change the way your HTML looks in the browser. It’s used in web pages to help search engines understand your HTML code better and help people using screen readers navigate your website.


Recreate the embedded CodePen demo by typing out the HTML code in your index.html file. Then, try customizing the text in the small element.


footer element on MDN

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