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Inheritance – CSS



In CSS, certain styles that are applied to a parent element can be inherited by its children. This concept is called inheritance.


In CSS, when certain styles are applied to a parent element, the child elements can inherit the styles. This concept is called inheritance.

Let’s say you have the following elements in your HTML file:

<div class="my-class">
  <p>The heading element and this paragraph will share similar styles.</p>

Let’s say you also have the following CSS code:

.my-class {
  color: red;

Even though the style is applied to the div element through a class, the color value is applied to both the h1 and the p elements.

Not all properties can be inherited. For example, the margin and padding properties are not inherited. If they were used in the .my-class rule from above, they would only apply to the div element.


First, recreate the CSS code in the embedded CodePen demo. Then try customizing the final color value.


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